Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Intimacy with Travis Kelce after Lifestyle Concert – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Taylor Swift is no longer shy about showing her love for Travis Kelce. Taylor, who has officially become a world trillionaire thanks to The Eras Tour, recently showed off his affection with his girlfriend.

After finishing her concert in Bueno Aires, Argentina, Taylor left the stage by jogging into Travis’ arms. He then kissed his lover.

Taylor’s action was watched by millions of fans who screamed hysterically watching their idol show off their affection.

This was also the first time Travis attended Taylor’s concert after officially dating. Previously, he came to Taylor’s concert in Kansas City, Missouri over the summer, but at the time Travis admitted they were just friends.

After that, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce reportedly met frequently and finally announced their budding romance in September this year.

Travis himself is a player football American who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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