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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Last week, a giant Chinese bank called ICBC suffered a ransomware attack. The Lockbit cybercriminal group claimed to be the mastermind behind the incident.

This is not the first time Lockbit has breached the security of the world’s largest companies. In the last few months, they have succeeded in breaking into the security of the world’s largest organizations and demanding a ransom so that the sensitive data obtained is not leaked.

Reuters summarizes several details about the gang. Following are the details regarding Lockbit, quoted Monday (13/11/2023):

1. Origin of Lockbit

Lockbit was first discovered in 2020. At that time, the group’s Eponymous software was discovered on a Russian-language cybercrime forum.

This is what makes a number of security analysts believe that Lockbit comes from Russia. However, based on the group’s confession, they are in the Netherlands and are not related to any government.

“We are located in the Netherlands, completely apolitical and interested in money,” Lockbit said on his blog.

2. Lockbit Victim

After three years of discovery, Lockbit became a new threat in the world. More than 1,700 American organizations in every industry from finance to education have been impacted by the ransomware threat.

Lockbit’s latest victims include Boeing. Last Friday, they leaked a cache of internal data from the company.

Lockbit also hacked the ION financial trading services group. This resulted in disrupted customer operations, including banks, brokerages and hedge funds.

3. How to Operate

Lockbit will infect its victims with ransomware. Then they will ask for a ransom from the victim to be able to open the lock.

Usually the ransom is requested in the form of cryptocurrency. that way ownership cannot be traced.

The website displays a list of victims and a digital clock shows the remaining time to pay the ransom. If it fails, the sensitive data held by Lockbit will immediately be distributed.

However, some victims’ names also do not appear on the web if the threats are made in person. ICBC is one of those not listed.

4. Cooperation with other groups

Lockbit does not work alone. The group apparently recruited other groups to make its cyber attacks successful.

They write about the success of their work on their official website. This includes asking those who want to register to ask parties who have worked with Lockbit to guarantee success.

This way it will make tracking even more difficult. The tactics and techniques used are different for each attack.

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