Starbucks Barista Admits Boycott Successful, 33% of Customers Flee Lifestyle – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Starbucks is the target of a boycott amid the brutal attacks that Israel continues to launch against Palestine. The coffee chain company from the United States is recorded as having 35,771 stores worldwide by 2022.

The boycott was targeted at Starbucks after management sued the workers’ union, Starbucks Workers United, in early October 2023. The lawsuit comes after the union expressed solidarity with Palestinians. However, the solidarity statement uploaded via X has been deleted.

According to Starbucks’ official statement, the lawsuit was filed because Starbucks Workers United was deemed to have misused the company’s name, logo and intellectual property.

Even though the company has provided clarification, calls to boycott Starbucks are still echoing, even spreading in many countries.

A TikTok user with the account @ambrose_darling who claims to work as a barista at a Starbucks in the United States said that the boycott movement was successful.

“There has been a significant decrease in orders. I can say that around a third of the number of customers who usually come now no longer show up, and I’m talking about customers who previously actually came every day,” he said.

“Boycotts work, so let’s keep doing them,” he added.

On Sunday (5/11/2023), when millions of Jakarta residents took to the streets to show support for the Palestinian people, the Starbucks outlet located in the Sudirman area, Jakarta was closed. In fact, these outlets usually serve customers 24 hours.

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