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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Erigo launched a series of new products in collaboration with the idol group JKT48 exclusively on Shopee. Along with the excitement of the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale campaign, users can buy Erigo x JKT48 fashion products from November 8 to November 12 2023.

Special on November 8 or today, Erigo and 14 JKT48 members will conduct a live streaming session on Shopee Live at 18.00-20.30 WIB. There will be many special surprises where users can enjoy discounts of up to 30 thousand and the biggest buyers have the opportunity to get attractive prizes from JKT48.

Erigo’s newest products this time are T-shirts, Hoodies and Denim Jackets in collaboration with local illustrators to provide a touch of Indonesian artistic creativity, namely Imelda Adams, Kevin Varian, Nadia Diandra and Ryol with different exclusive designs. The product designs presented will represent each JKT48 member with various current color choices, such as Lavender Gray, Almond Milk, Blue Denim, Sage Green, Medium Blue, and Black.

This color choice is very suitable for everyday wear by both female and male users, and can be mixed and matched according to each person’s fashion style.

Founder of Erigo, Muhammad Sadad, said that his party always tries to follow the latest trends to answer the needs of consumers who of course have different styles and fashion styles.

“Through our wide selection of streetwear fashion products, it is hoped that we can help male and female users to mix and match their clothes in a more stylish and easy way to wear every day. Special this time, we are collaborating with inspiring young people and community idols, namely JKT48, to launch fashion products such as T-shirts, Hoodies and Denim Jackets with attractive designs that represent the characters of the 14 JK48 members. Of course, we also carry a different concept by collaborating with 4 Indonesian art illustrators to provide fresh and unique designs for our loyal users. “We hope that this product can show the high quality of an authentic Indonesian brand that can attract people’s hearts,” he said.

Erigo X JKT48Photo: Erigo X JKT48

This exclusive launch, which began with a live streaming session on Shopee Live, was very special because it was guided directly by 14 JKT48 members, namely Zee, Freya, Gracia, Christy, Oniel, Olla, Lulu, Fiony, Lia, Callie, Flora, Raisha, Indira, and Ella. Fans had the opportunity to chit chat and ask questions and answers to the JKT48 idol group while learning about Erigo products in more detail.

This live session is even more exciting and lively with various surprises that will be presented by Erigo and JKT48, apart from chatting for 2.5 hours non-stop with JKT48 members, users with the most purchases can get attractive prizes in the form of JKT48 clothes and posters. Very exciting, right?

Not only that, buyers with a minimum purchase of 100 thousand, will get an invitation to watch JKT48 live on the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale TV Show on November 11 2023. However, invitation supplies are limited, so users must act quickly to check out and complete their purchase before they run out.

JKT48 members admitted that they were very happy to be able to collaborate with the local brand, the pride of the country, namely Erigo, to present the newest products for users and fans exclusively on the Shopee platform.

“Through this collaboration, we want to show unique styles that are realized through different designs for each JKT48 member. We hope that the products presented can be a fashion inspiration for the public, especially Shopee users who have the opportunity to be the first to get this special collection. Don’t miss it, okay?” he said.

Erigo is a local brand operating in the fashion sector and was founded by Muhammad Sadad in 2013. Starting the business in Sadad’s studio apartment in Depok, where at that time there were no permanent employees or a team, proves that consistency and hard work are the keys to the success of his business. until it developed as rapidly as it does now.

Erigo’s commitment to always innovate in presenting new collections continues to move quickly to keep up with trends and present various quality products with different design illustrations.

This is not the first time that Erigo and Shopee have brought extraordinary news since joining in 2017. Previously, Erigo also collaborated with Shopee and made the nation proud as a representative of the work of the nation’s children in the biggest fashion show New York Fashion Week in 2021.

In fact, Erigo always participates in every twin number campaign that Shopee presents, such as the 11.11 Big Sale campaign, and often succeeds in becoming the favorite brand in Shopee’s various big annual campaigns. Together with the Shopee Export Program, 2020 is also the starting point for Erigo to enter global markets, such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand.

So it is not surprising that the various initiatives that Erigo has carried out with Shopee have also made it a brand that is increasingly known to the public. Erigo has felt the support of Shopee which always innovates to maximize the potential of local sellers in developing their business, starting from the presence of a series of attractive promos, thematic campaigns, to interactive features.

This is what underlies his decision to launch the latest exclusive collection with JKT48 on Shopee and present the excitement through Shopee Live today.

Daniel Minardi, Head of Brands Management & Digital Products Shopee Indonesia said, “Shopee really appreciates Erigo’s latest product innovation which also collaborates with JKT48 and is presented specifically for Shopee users. We believe this collaboration will show the potential and advantages of original brands Indonesia. This special collaboration with JKT48 can certainly be an inspiration for various other local business actors, as well as the younger generation to continue to explore their potential and produce the best work. The task of local brands in presenting innovation has been carried out by Erigo, and Shopee is very proud to be able to take part in providing a platform and supports the sustainability of local businesses and products that we create through the programs and features that we present.”

For loyal Shopee users, especially fans of Erigo and JKT48, don’t miss out if you can purchase the latest Erigo x JKT48 product collection on November 8-12 exclusively on Shopee. At the same time, the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale is also still ongoing with various best offers, namely Free Shipping Rp. 0 Unlimited, Shopee Live 24 Hour Cheap Discounts, and Big Flash Sale every hour.

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