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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Samsung phone users will be able to talk to strangers more easily in the future. The South Korean giant confirmed it will include the ability to translate phone calls in real time on its phones.

This capability using AI will be available early next year. This will be one of the features in Galaxy AI.

AI Live Translate Call will be different from the Live Translate feature on Android. Samsung explains that users no longer need to use third-party applications to translate phone calls.

The feature will translate phone calls directly with text and audio translation. Samsung also said a phone translation feature would be built into the app on Galaxy phones.

The company also ensures security in this feature. According to Samsung, telephone conversations with this feature will never leave the user’s cellphone.

“AI Live Translate Call will provide users with a personal translator whenever they need it. Because it is integrated into the native calling feature, it will eliminate the hassle of using third-party applications,” explained Samsung, quoted on the page. 9to5Google, Monday (11/13/2023).

“Translate audio and captions will appear in real time while speaking, so calling someone in another language is as easy as turning on captions while watching a streaming event.”

Page 9to5Google explained that Samsung has not provided much information about the newest AI features in Galaxy AI. However, Gauss has recently been announced as a generative AI for text and image creation.

Because it will be launched next year, it seems that this feature will appear for the first time on the Galaxy 24 series. The line of cellphones which is expected to be released in January 2024 is rumored to have a number of AI features.

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