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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – As part of the new iOS update, WhatsApp is introducing an alternative method for logging in to the platform. No longer need to use a cellphone number, just enter an email address.

Meta has not released an official announcement, but the WhatsApp login feature using email has appeared on WABetaInfo, which is the developer forum. Usually, new WhatsApp features that are still being developed will appear on the forum first.

The method of logging into WhatsApp with email will help users in certain situations. For example, when a user cannot access cellular services, the authentication code cannot be sent via messaging service.

This feature was first revealed in early November. However, access can only be tested by a limited number of users, quoted from TechRadarWednesday (22/11/2023).

In the future, iPhone users can fill in their email to log in to WhatsApp. A 6-digit authentication code will be sent to the email address listed.

It should be noted, this login mechanism is an alternative method as a backup. Users still have to enter a phone number when they first create a WhatsApp account.

To try this feature, iPhone users must first install WhatsApp for iOS version 23.24.70. Next, press ‘Account’, to see the login option with email.

Until now, it is not yet known whether this feature will also be enjoyed by Android users. According to WABetaInfo, the latest version of WhatsApp on Android only brings new filters for status updates.

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