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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The threat of pirated content in Indonesia is increasingly worrying and has raised concerns about the vulnerability of the digital economy and creativity in this country. In recent years, the wave of content piracy has reached alarming levels, disrupting various sectors of the digital economy and security.

Survey by AVISI Highlights Public Awareness The Indonesian Video Streaming Association (AVISI), supported by TSurvey by Telkomsel, has carried out its first survey with the aim of exploring “Public Perceptions of Piracy in Indonesia.” This survey involved 1,000 respondents with certain criteria, namely mobile video streaming enthusiasts, smartphone users, living in big national cities, and aged 20-60 years during September 2023.

The survey results revealed that 81% of respondents were aware of the negative impacts of using illegal content, including the risk of malware, viruses and data leaks. Meanwhile, 81% of respondents also realized that the spread of illegal content had a negative impact on the creative industry in Indonesia, which includes artists, producers, crew and film supporters.

Furthermore, this survey shows that 78.9% of respondents understand that watching illegal content means supporting lawlessness. However, only 30% of respondents showed interest in switching to watching legal content. With these findings, Indonesian society is in a condition
emergency against access to illegal content.

The Government and AVISI Unite Against Illegal Content
Responding to this research, the Director General of Informatics Applications at the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan stated, “The government supports AVISI, the streaming industry and the film industry to continue to help limit access to illegal content. This effort is very important in supporting the growth of the creative industry and digital economy Indonesia.”

Nirwan Lesmana, Chairman of the AVISI Supervisory Board and VP Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel, emphasized that the growth of the digital sector in Indonesia must be accompanied by increased public awareness in accessing legal content. “This survey was conducted to determine the Indonesian public’s perception of content piracy. The results of this research show that education regarding the risks of piracy has begun to exist, but changes in people’s behavior still need to occur. tSurvey will continue to support AVISI in carrying out rapid and sustainable online adjustments so that this piracy continues “can be monitored periodically,” said Nirwan.

TSurvey is an online survey platform supported by Telkomsel with a wide reach, reaching more than 159 million respondents. TSurvey is designed to meet survey needs with target accuracy and fast response collection. For further information, please visit the official website at tsurvey.id.

Economic Losses and Required Actions
The threat of pirated content has had a significant impact on the economy. Indonesia’s creative and entertainment industry, which should be a strong economic pillar, continues to experience a significant decline in revenue due to content piracy.

This is detrimental to economic growth and creates a negative impact on employment in the country. Cooperation between the government, AVISI and other stakeholders is critical in overcoming this emergency.

Concrete steps are needed to identify, remove and prevent illegal content on online platforms and to encourage people to watch only legal content. The threat of pirated content is a serious problem that affects Indonesia’s economy, security and creativity.

Holistic solutions involving all stakeholders are the only way to protect the country’s digital integrity and ensure a sustainable future in the ever-evolving digital era.

Matthew Cheetam, General Manager, Asia Video Industry Association concluded, “According to research, accessing pirated content poses a major risk to consumer security from viruses and malware embedded in pirated services, while also resulting in economic losses. AVIA is committed to continuing to support AVISI’s efforts in provide education to the Indonesian people about the importance of consuming legal content. The aim is to protect the security of consumer data, support the growth of the creative industry, and help reduce the level of piracy incidents in Indonesia, which is currently ranked fourth based on the AVIA consumer survey. We believe that this effort will also will have a positive impact in reducing piracy traffic
streaming is currently at its highest, according to AVIA monitoring.”

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