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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There is a quick way that you can take to register for BPJS Health, namely via mobile phone (HP). BPJS Health registration can now be done online, so prospective participants do not need to come and queue at the BPJS Health office.

However, it should be noted that there are several steps and requirements that must be carried out. But the first thing prospective participants must do is download the JKN application on your smartphone.

For registration, there are several conditions that must be attached when registering. Among others:

1. Family Card

2. Resident Identity Card


4. Mobile number

5. Account Book

6. 3×4 size photograph with a maximum digital size of 50 kb

7. Email address

How to Register for BPJS Health Online

After completing the requirements, you can immediately register on the Mobile JKN application.

Here’s how to register for BPJS Health online via the Mobile JKN application:

1. Download the Mobile JKN application on Google Play Store or Apps Store

2. Open the Mobile JKN application on your smartphone, then click “Register”

3. Select “New Participant Registration”

4. Read the registration conditions, then click “Agree”

5. Enter your KTP NIK, type the captcha code. The smartphone page will display a list of family data and potential BPJS Health participants

6. Fill in your personal data, then click “Next”

7. Select the desired health facility (faskes), including a dentist

8. Enter an active email address, click “Save”

9. A verification code will be sent via the registered email address

10. Check your incoming email and copy the verification code into the Mobile JKN application

11. Participants will get a virtual account for premium payments.

If you have finished registering for BPJS Health online and have made payment, then the participant is officially registered with BPJS Health.

The BPJS Health Card can also be accessed via the Mobile JKN application. Participants can also print it to make a physical card or use a digital card every time they want to seek treatment at a health facility.

If you encounter problems when registering, you can contact the BPJS Health service via number 165.

Apart from that, you can also contact the PANDAWA service which operates every Monday-Friday at 08.00-15.00 local time via the following Telegram service https://t.me/Chika_BPJSKesehatan_bot

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