Presidential Palace Project at IKN Exceeds Target, Finished Soon? News – 11 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Construction of the presidential office in the National Capital (IKN) of the Archipelago is reported to be continuing, even exceeding targets. Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) expressed his hope that he could hold the 2024 Indonesian Independence Celebration at the IKN Presidential Palace later.

“The target for building the State Palace has also been exceeded, currently it has reached 33.9%,” said President Commissioner of PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PTPP) Andi Gani Nena Wea to journalists, quoted Thursday (2/11/2023).

Apart from that, progress in the construction of the President’s Office is even greater, namely almost 50% or half.

“The construction process for the President’s Office has reached 49.75% exceeding the set target,” said Andi Gani.

The grounds of the Presidential Palace at IKN have twice the area of ​​land as the Palace in Jakarta. In fact, the field capacity can accommodate up to 8 thousand people for the upcoming August 17 ceremony.

Apart from the Palace and President’s Office, construction of the Ministry of State Secretariat (Kemensetneg) has reached 29.55%. Then, in the IKN West Axis Road project, the construction target has reached 69.78%.

Meanwhile, in the IKN 3 B Toll Road project the construction process also exceeded the target by reaching 41.42%.

As of August, PTPP held 10 IKN projects, namely the IKN Toll Road, Jalan Sisi Kebangsaan West Axis, Government Center Core Areas 1 and 2, Presidential Palace and ceremonial grounds, President’s Office, State Secretariat Ministry Building, IKN Mosque access, logistics pier , ASN flats, construction of VVIP IKN Airport, and construction of the Bank Indonesia Building.

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