Police Arrest Telegram Account Owner & Pirate Site Paseo TV Tech – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – West Java Regional Police arrested and detained the Telegram account admin and the owner of pirated sites called Paseo TV and OkStream who had been broadcasting pirated sports competition content. The arrest of the owner of the Telegram account and the pirate sites Paseo TV and OkStream by the West Java Regional Police was carried out after receiving a report from local OTT Vidio.

It is known that these two accounts have carried out acts of piracy of content that is officially broadcast on Vidio. From this act of piracy, Vidio as the official owner of the content received material losses of IDR 1.4 billion.

In connection with this arrest, the Director of Ditreskrimsus Polda West Java Police Commissioner Pol. Deni Okvianto said, “Piracy not only harms those who produce content, but can also have a negative impact on its users. It is hoped that this awareness will be shared by the public, because pirated content is very vulnerable to injecting malware/viruses into devices. which can be used to steal users’ personal data and promote online gambling.”

Furthermore, the Head of Public Relations of the West Java Regional Police, Pol Kombes. Ibrahim Tompo appealed to the entire community to combat content piracy by reporting illegal sites or applications to the police, especially those that contain negative content such as online gambling and pornography, in order to protect the nation’s generation.

Fachrul Prasodjo as Deputy General Chair of Communications at AVISI added, “Piracy activities like this are a threat not only to one OTT, but also have the potential to have a negative impact on the entire OTT (streaming platform) ecosystem and the creative industry in Indonesia. Therefore, AVISI strongly condemns actions like this and is ready to join forces with the government, the police and the entire community in a collective effort to address this serious problem and prevent piracy in the future.”

A survey by the Indonesian Video Streaming Association (AVISI) with tSurvey last September 2023 showed that only 30% of Indonesian streaming viewers were interested in watching legal, so legal viewing education needs to be continuously carried out by all stakeholders.

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