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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Gibran Rakabuming Raka’s membership in PDIP is said to have de facto ended after officially becoming Prabowo Subianto’s vice presidential candidate. This was stated by the Chairman of the Honorary Division of the PDIP DPP, Komarudin Watubun.

He emphasized that de facto Gibran’s membership in PDIP had ended. Komarudin said there was no need to make a fuss about this issue. According to him, leaving, moving and quitting the party is a normal thing.

“That currently Gibran is not following the party’s instructions, he will automatically no longer be in the PDI Perjuangan. But remember, if one cadre leaves, there are many new party cadres who have the potential to join the Ganjar-Mahfud Party and TPN,” Komarudin was quoted as saying. from Detikcom, Saturday (28/10/2023).

On this occasion, Komarudin also touched on party instructions. Komarudin said that the issue of perpendicularity and black and white had been raised many times.

Komarudin also brought up Ganjar Pranowo’s candidacy on April 21 2023. According to him, at that time PDIP Chairman Megawati Soekarnoputri was clear that there should be no political dancing after Ganjar’s nomination as PDIP presidential candidate.

“Let’s try to flash back. On April 21 2023, the PDI Perjuangan nominated its presidential candidate (bacapres) Ganjar Pranowo. At that time, Mrs. Mega stated that no one was allowed to do political dancing. Everyone must move simultaneously down to win the 2024 election, okay “The Presidential Election with Pak Ganjar as presidential candidate as well as the Legislative Election,” explained Komarudin.

He also brought up Gibran’s summons on May 19 2023. He said that at that time Gibran was summoned because he met Prabowo in Solo.

“At that time, as junior cadres, we did not impose sanctions. We gave advice to obey Party rules. At that time, Gibran expressed his thanks for the advice and as a young cadre promised to remain upright in accordance with the General Chairperson’s instructions,” said Komar. .

Responding to this, the Mayor of Solo reacted relaxedly and complied with the PDIP’s decision.

“Yes, if Mr. Komar has made a statement like that, that’s fine. I’ll just follow if Mr. Komarudin has made a statement like that,” he said.

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