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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Artificial Intelligence is increasingly popular. In fact, NASA is starting to utilize the use of AI.

The US space agency will use AI to predict space phenomena that will occur in the future. In fact, they promised to provide a warning 30 minutes before the ‘doomsday’ reached Earth.

NASA is developing an AI model to predict powerful solar storms. Early warning will detect early when a large phenomenon occurs and has the potential to destroy certain areas. Light can move from material ejected by the Sun during a storm.

NASA will obtain data from a number of satellites, such as ACE, WIND, IMP-8, and Geotail. The task is to develop a way to know precisely when solar storms occur and the impacts they cause.

Quoted from Science Alert, scientists trained a learning model called DAGGER. In contrast to other predictive algorithms, this model has increased speed.

The research team revealed that it could predict the severity and direction of events in less than one second. Every minute, DAGGER can also make predictions.

Several solar storms have had a major impact on a number of regions on Earth. For example, 35 years ago, parts of Quebec were without electricity for hours.

Major damage also occurred during the Carrington event 150 years ago. At that time the electricity and communications infrastructure was badly damaged by the storm.

Previously, algorithms took quite a long time to be able to predict or even provide warnings when a storm would hit Earth.

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