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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Liverpool player, Mohamed Salah, opened his voice regarding the conflict between Palestine and Israel after 500 people were reported killed in an explosion at Al-Ahdi al-Arabi Hospital in Gaza, Palestine.

Through his personal X (formerly Twitter) account (@Mo Salah), Salah emphasized that all life in the world is sacred and must be protected. Therefore, the 31 year old football player asked that the massacre must stop.

“It’s not always easy to speak in situations like this. There is too much violence and cruelty that makes hearts broken and hurt,” said Salah, quoted Thursday (19/10/2023).

“All life is sacred and must be protected. The massacres must stop. Many families have been separated. The clearest thing to do now is that humanitarian aid to Gaza must be allowed immediately,” he said.

Salah said that the situation in Gaza is increasingly tense as attacks continue to occur between the Palestinian Islamic Group, Hamas and Israel. Through his video statement, Salah also highlighted the situation at Al-Ahdi al-Arabi Hospital which had just exploded.

Therefore, Salah called on all leaders in the world to move and unite in providing assistance to the Palestinian people who are victims of war.

“The people of Gaza need immediate food, water and medical assistance. I call on world leaders to unite to prevent the massacre of innocent souls,” stressed the player from Egypt.

“Humanity must prevail,” he concluded.

In the West Bank, 61 Palestinians were reported killed and more than 1,250 people injured. Meanwhile, the death toll in Israel reached 1,400 people with 4,475 others injured.

Based on data as of Wednesday (18/10/2023), as many as 3,300 Palestinians in Gaza were declared dead as a result of attacks between Hamas and Israel. Meanwhile, more than 13 thousand other residents were injured.

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