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Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaMcDonald’s may be the most successful fast food restaurant in the world. Unfortunately, franchise companies (franchise) is done target of boycott after McDonald’s Israel branch donated 4,000 free food packages to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Not only that, they too provides a 50 percent discount specifically for IDF members.

According to reports Insiderto date McDonald’s Israel has donated 12 thousand meals to the IDF and the Israeli population.

This donation was a big blunder for the fast food restaurant franchise from the United States. Not long after that, calls for a boycott of McDonald’s spread in many countries.

McDonald’s is becoming divided. The reason is that McDonald’s Israel’s actions are said to not represent the position of McDonald’s as a whole. Moreover, maccording to the report ReutersMcDonald’s is franchise global companies that are often locally owned and operate independently.

Until now, McDonald’s Corp has still not provided an official comment. However, sources close to the company in the United States said that franchise Israel is an independent business that has licensed the McDonald’s brand.

A number of McDonald’s owners in countries with a majority Muslim population rushed to provide clarification.

McDonald’s branches in Lebanon, Oman, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey and Kuwait confirmed that they were not involved in delivering food to Israel Defense Forces (IDF) or Israel Defense Forces.

“McDonald’s Lebanon confirms that its franchisees (franchise) in other countries and regions does not represent the views or position of McDonald’s Lebanon in any way,” McDonald’s Lebanon wrote in its statement.

Through an official statement, McDonald’s Oman said that it had donated US$100 thousand or around Rp. 1.57 billion (assuming an exchange rate of Rp. 15,742/US$) as aid to the people of Gaza, Palestine.

Apart from Oman, McDonald’s UAE also made a donation of 1 million dirhams or around IDR 4.2 billion (assuming an exchange rate of IDR 4,285/dirham) to Palestine. McDonald’s Turkey also did the same thing, which donated US$1 million or around Rp. 15.7 billion for the victims of the war in Palestine.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s Kuwait, which is operated by Al Maousherji Catering Company, stated that they had donated US$250 thousand or around Rp. 3.93 billion to Gaza through the Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

“Maousherji Catering Company as the local representative of McDonald’s Kuwait announces that we are united with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, especially in Gaza,” wrote McDonald’s Kuwait in an official statement.

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