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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Comedian Bedu has appeared again with news about his personal finances which are currently not friendly. Bedu reportedly started selling a number of assets, one of which was his wife’s luxury bag, in order to pay debts and meet daily needs.

“Yes, there are many obligations that I have to fulfill every month. There are daily needs and I have to pay loans,” said Bedu in the broadcast. podcasts on YouTube, as quoted InsertLive.

The debt installments that Bedu has are installments for vehicles, houses and apartments. Bedu said that some of his cars had to be sold to cover the spending deficit.

Regarding selling luxury bags, Bedu said that it was his wife who decided to sell the luxury bags that Bedu had given him.

“Even though he was selling the bag. As a husband, I like to buy things for my wife, there was no problem at that time, like this now, right now, I don’t end up selling the bag,” he concluded.

Learn from the story of Bedu who is now struggling to restore economic conditions. Can it be said that luxury bags are an investment that can be sold to make a profit or save finances? The following is the explanation.

Investing or not, all depends on the owner’s goals

When the owner only buys it to use, then the bag cannot be said to be an investment. As time goes by, the condition of bags that are often used will also decrease, resulting in resale prices or resale value from the bag decreases and you as the owner end up losing money.

However, if they buy because they want to make a profit in the future, or to buy and sell in the short term, then the luxury bag can be said to be an investment.

In essence, investment is the activity of buying assets or goods with the hope of gaining profits in the future either through an increase in the assets of these goods, or from the fixed income generated from these assets.

So what if, someone buys a luxury bag with the intention of wearing it but a few years later the bag is sold, and he makes a profit from the sale?

This also cannot be said to be an investment because the profit from the sale is just luck.

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