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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Many people are lazy about going to the dentist not because they are afraid of pain, but because they are afraid of it being expensive! In fact, not many private health insurances are able to offer dental care claims according to the bill.

Luckily, if you are a BPJS Health participant, you can get lots of dental treatment for free! The condition, of course, is that your BPJS Health card must be active.

According to BPJS Health No. 1 of 2014 Article 52 Paragraph 1, dental and oral care covered by BPJS Health is as follows:

1. Remove primary teeth

Deciduous teeth or milk teeth are the first type of teeth to grow, before being replaced by adult teeth or wisdom teeth. Extraction of primary teeth is useful for guiding prospective permanent teeth so that they can maintain the jaw arch.

The process of extracting primary teeth can be covered by BPJS Health. This treatment is quite widely used by the participants.

2. Extract permanent teeth

Permanent tooth extraction is the act of removing teeth from the gums which is carried out only under certain conditions. Especially if your teeth are seriously damaged due to impact, loss or cavities, making it impossible to maintain them.

Before being removed, the problematic tooth will be given a local anesthetic to reduce the pain.

3. Dental infection

Premedication is an initial stage of treatment that aims to treat toothache. This action takes the form of administering analgesic drugs and antibiotics.

The premedication function is useful for relieving pain and treating dental infections. The premedication stage is considered very important for the further dental treatment process.

4. Fill your teeth

Dental fillings or composite fillings are one of the dental treatments that can be used by BPJS Health.

Dental filling treatment functions to restore tooth function and stop the caries process. The tooth filling process can only be carried out with the referral of an expert doctor. The material used for tooth fillings uses composite resin because it is claimed to be more durable.

5. Scaling teeth

Teeth scaling is a treatment to clean plaque or tartar buildup and the procedure is non-surgical. This treatment, which removes remaining plaque and erodes tartar, aims to reduce the risk of toothache and prevent mouth and gum disease.

It should be noted, teeth scaling is only free using BPJS Health if there is a medical indication, not for aesthetic reasons.

“Tooth scaling in acute gingivitis (gum inflammation) can be guaranteed by BPJS Health with a guarantee period of every two years,” wrote BPJS Health via its official Twitter account (@BPJSKesehatanRI), quoted on Sunday (10/9/2023).

6. Put on dentures

You can install false teeth using BPJS Health, but it only takes the form of a subsidy depending on the number of false teeth installed.

For the installation of 1-8 false teeth, BPJS Health provides a subsidy of IDR 250 thousand per jaw.

Meanwhile, for 1 jaw with around 9-16 teeth, the subsidy is around IDR 500 thousand. Meanwhile, for 2 jaw teeth at once, the subsidy given is IDR 1 million.

7. Post-extraction medication

Tooth extraction is a minor surgical procedure to remove teeth that are carious or impacted.

Post-extraction treatment is included in the list of dental treatments that can be used by BPJS Health. Post-extraction medication plays an important role in the healing stage so that the condition of the teeth that have been treated can recover quickly.

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