KAI Reveals Reasons for Face Recognition at Beda Pintu Tech Station – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Passengers who use facial recognition for verification and authentication when boarding are provided with a special door, different from passengers who use the manual option.

KAI explained the reason for neater passenger flow and reducing crowding when there are queues.

“The division of entrances ensures that passenger flow is neater and can reduce the density of passenger queues,” said PT Kereta Api Indonesia’s VP of Public Relations, Joni Martinus, to CNBC IndonesiaThursday (23/11/2023).

Joni said KAI hopes that the presence of facial recognition facilities can make things easier for passengers. He also stated that his party continues to listen to the public’s responses and comments regarding this policy.

“However, KAI continues to listen to responses and comments from the public regarding this policy as material for our future evaluation,” he explained.

Users can certainly choose to board with facial recognition or not. Those who want to use the facial scanning service can register and provide consent for recording.

Meanwhile, for passengers who are reluctant to use it, KAI ensures that there is still a manual boarding option. All passengers who do not use facial recognition will still be served.

“For passengers who wish to board via Face Recognition, each passenger has first given approval for recording Face Recognition during the registration process, whether registering at Access by KAI or at the station,” he said.

“For passengers who do not wish to use Face Recognition, KAI still provides manual boarding facilities and passengers can still be served,” added Joni.

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