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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – As time goes by, new technologies continue to emerge. It turns out that this phenomenon does not need to be directly followed by making rules or regulations. At least that’s according to the government in Indonesia.

“Not all technological things or issues are answered with regulations. When the time comes, if regulations are needed, please do so. Because we cannot regulate something that we ourselves don’t understand,” said Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Mira Tayyiba, at the Communication and Information Digital Economy Forum. (FEDK) VI, Tuesday (31/10/2023).

He added, if regulations are needed at the right time, they can be made immediately. However, you cannot make rules that not everyone actually understands.

Mira emphasized that the arrival of new technology needs to be studied first. That way, you can understand what technology will be used.

“We can’t regulate something we don’t understand,” he said.

One example is the matter of Artificial Intelligence. According to him, now is the introductory stage with this technology.

In the future, a broader understanding of AI is needed. Starting from potential opportunities and problems that will be faced in the future.

“Once we get a comprehensive map or image, we will be able to know what needs to be regulated,” said Mira.

The government is also currently preparing a National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence for 2020-2045. The content also includes the importance of developing ethical applications of AI and emphasizes the issue of policy regulation for this technology.

“This document underlines the importance of ethical development and application of AI, while emphasizing that policies related to AI can be prepared and implemented in a transparent, accountable and fair manner,” said Mira.

“This means that AI systems must be designed to be transparent in their decision-making processes, accountable for their actions, and fair in their treatment of various groups in society.”

Joe Biden Issues AI Rules

In contrast to Indonesia, the President of the United States (US) Joe Biden has just issued a Presidential Regulation (Executive Order) to regulate AI.

According to White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed, the Joe Biden administration’s new rules are the strongest imposed by a country regarding the application of AI.

Draft new regulations have been brewing for the past few months, under the Biden-Harris blueprint for an ‘AI Bill of Rights’.

The government has also held commitments from 15 technology companies to work with the government in developing safe and responsible AI.

The White House apparently does not want to wait for Congress to determine legislative policy, but instead immediately issued an Executive Order to regulate AI.

The reason is, the technology that has become popular thanks to the emergence of ChatGPT is increasingly being used in everyday life. The urgency of this regulation is a priority, because the negative impacts are already lurking if it is not mitigated.

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