Israel’s Sophisticated Robot Paralyzes Gaza Tunnel, Horrified! Tech – 19 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Israeli military forces utilize advanced technology to attack Hamas tunnels. Among other things, there are killer drones and robot sniffer dogs capable of detecting Hamas’s large underground network.

The robot dog units named ‘Oketz’ and ‘Samur’ have been trained in such a way as to track the 500 kilometers of Hamas tunnels in Gaza.

According to defense analysts, Israel is using ground-penetrating radar and advanced gravity detectors to map the systems beneath the tunnels.

Attacking Hamas tunnels is the key to the success of Israel’s attack, in response to the Hamas attack on October 7 2023 which killed 1,400 Israeli civilians.

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has promised to eradicate Hamas from all angles.

“All operations must be eradicated, above ground, underground, inside Gaza and outside Gaza,” he said in an official statement earlier this month, quoted from The National News, Wednesday (8/11/2023).

Fighting in the tunnel carries great risks. Israel’s strategy to launch drones and advanced robots aims to minimize casualties.

Hamas itself has been building underground labyrinths for almost a decade. Some tunnels are as deep as 70 meters underground to store weapons and food reserves.

The destruction of the tunnel was crucial to Israel’s success. Entering the tunnel was not easy, because there were many traps prepared by Hamas.

However, Israeli robots have been equipped with sensors and equipment to find various traps set by Hamas.

The sniffer dog robot is capable of detecting bombs and explosives, finding entry points, and attacking enemy personnel by biting their hands.

For information, Hamas employs 900 people to build its tunnel system, according to the Rand Corporation. Hamas has also reportedly sent a team of engineers to Iran to study electricity, ventilation and water supplies in the tunnels.

The endless war between the Hamas group and Israel has been going on for a month. Every day there are victims. The latest data shows that more than 10,000 Palestinians have died in this bloody conflict.

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