ChatGPT Boss Fired, Silicon Valley Tech Ideology War – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Silicon Valley, the headquarters of the world’s technology giants, is currently in a big fight because of the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

This incident was further triggered by the drama that occurred last week within OpenAI, the startup behind the popular generative AI service ChatGPT.

Last weekend, the company’s CEO and founder Sam Altman was abruptly fired.

The details regarding the dismissal are not yet clear. The board of directors only said Altman was dishonest and behaved manipulatively.

However, page Politico look at this problem from a different perspective. There is an ideological divide regarding AI.

For example, the majority of the board of directors is written to hold altruistic views. This thought fuels fear of the risks of the existence of super intelligent AI.

Meanwhile, another thought is to support AI development with all the risks. Altman, for example, is constantly releasing versions of generative AI that are more sophisticated than before, quoted from PoliticoTuesday (21/11/2023).

The two different views are exacerbated by the existence of a company structure that is considered unusual. The board of directors of a nonprofit organization has great influence on its subsidiaries.

On the other hand, companies have commercial pressure to support business continuity.

Politico adding that Altman’s firing led much of Silicon Valley to regard him as a hero for the intellectual movement. They want to accelerate disruptive changes to the inevitable theory of techno-capitalist power.

Altman is fully supported by most technology figures. For example, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to Microsoft, who has collaborated with OpenAI in recent times.

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