Israel International Prepares Ground Attack on Gaza, Here’s the Time Leaked News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Israel continues to bomb the Gaza Strip non-stop from the air. The country did this for almost two weeks after the attack by the Palestinian Hamas group on October 7.

But will Israel attack the enclave directly and, if so, when and how?

Report Al Jazeera said analysts say it is almost certain that this will happen.

Zoran Kusovac, a geopolitical and security analyst, war correspondent and producer covering conflicts in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa & Central Asia, said a direct strike was likely over the weekend.

“I don’t know when that day will happen and, taking a big risk, I believe the main preparations are almost complete and the attack will probably happen as early as the weekend,” Kusovac said.

“History has shown that astute decision makers, who know how world politics are going, try to launch military campaigns that will trigger a strong response from the international community, on Friday or Saturday.”

Kusovac explained that weekend attacks can be taken for superficial and simple reasons, where if the party attacked or its supporters and allies demand that the UN Security Council (SC) immediately convene, it is usually impossible to reach a quorum before Monday morning New York time.

“This gives the attackers more than two days before they can be warned or sanctioned by the UNSC, even though the UNSC usually does not act decisively at its first session,” he explained.

According to him, the nature of the Israeli invasion is also predictable, where it will most likely take the form of a massive and coordinated land, air and sea attack from various directions, and perhaps launched in the middle of the night.

“However, Israel will try to make the most of its advantages while countering the might of the Palestinian defenders.”

Kusovac initially said one of the factors that might influence the decision on when to carry out an attack depended on intelligence gathering on the location where the captives were being held.

“The secret service wants to research as many operational leads as possible and gather as much information as possible, but they know they can’t have the time they want,” he said.

Despite tactical and strategic differences, almost all Israeli politicians with differences support an Israeli troop ground offensive in the Gaza Strip. They saw that public opinion, in unison, called for the humiliation of October 7 to be avenged with blood.

So far, most of the retribution has been the blood of Palestinian civilians, but there is a desire to get into Gaza and kill as many fighters as possible.

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