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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – US Ambassador to Indonesia Sung Y. Kim ended his duties in Indonesia on Monday (20/11/2023). He ended his term of office after 3 years serving in Indonesia.

In a release from the US Embassy in Jakarta, Ambassador Kim during his term of office sought to strengthen and encourage strong ties of friendship between Washington and Jakarta based on shared values ​​which include democracy, diversity and pluralism.

Under Ambassador Kim’s leadership, the US and Indonesia have successfully collaborated in various sectors, including expanding trade and investment relations, facing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing educational and cultural exchanges, overcoming the climate crisis by advancing the energy transition in Indonesia, strengthening maritime security, and strengthening the strong defense partnership between the two countries.

At the end of his ambassadorial term to Indonesia, the US and Indonesia upgraded relations between the two countries to the level of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, marking a historic new phase in bilateral relations.

“When I end my assignment in Indonesia and look back on my time here, I am proud to have witnessed so many successes achieved through partnerships with the Indonesian government and people,” he said.

“The future of our bilateral relationship is very bright, and I am very confident that our cooperation in facing shared challenges will continue to ensure stability and prosperity across ASEAN and the broader Indo-Pacific region.”

“It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the US Ambassador to this extraordinary country,” he added.

With the end of Kim’s duties, the Deputy US Ambassador in Jakarta, Michael F. Kleine, will carry out his duties as interim Charge d’Affaires until a new Ambassador to Indonesia is appointed.

Kim himself is a US Ambassador who has Korean blood. Against this background, Kim was also appointed as Washington’s special envoy to North Korea (North Korea).

Before serving in Indonesia, Kim was the US Ambassador to the Philippines and also South Korea (South Korea).

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