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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo met with United States President Joe Biden at the White House, Monday (13/11/2023). During the meeting the two heads of state discussed the partnership between the two countries.

Jokowi said the Indonesia-United States partnership is expected to contribute to regional and global peace and prosperity. So he invited Joe Biden to help stop the conflict and atrocities occurring in Gaza.

“This is a painful thing for humanity,” said Jokowi in an official statement, Tuesday (14/11/2023).

According to him, a ceasefire is a necessity for the sake of humanity.

Previously, Jokowi had revealed that he would convey to Biden a very strong message from a joint summit of Arab and Muslim leaders in Riyadh at the weekend condemning Israel and calling for a ceasefire.

Jokowi also said he would convey a special message from President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine, who asked him to convey it to Biden.

Apart from that, Jokowi also revealed that the United States is one of the most important partners for Indonesia. Therefore, the two leaders agreed to upgrade the partnership between the two countries to become a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP).

“But the most important thing is that we have to really interpret it because for Indonesia economic cooperation is a priority, including in supply chain issues,” he added.

On that occasion, Joe Biden said that the cooperation between Indonesia and the United States had escalated into a comprehensive strategic partnership, marking a new era of cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

“This includes increasing our cooperation in matters of security,” said Biden.

Furthermore, he said that other things of concern that need to be continuously improved between the two countries are in terms of building a safe supply chain and overcoming the climate crisis.

“This includes expanding our cooperation in building safe supply chains. This also includes our deeper collaboration to tackle the climate crisis,” he said.

This is because the number one person in America considers that Indonesia plays an important role in the clean energy transition.

He is committed to continuing to increase cooperation between the United States and ASEAN to advance a free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific region. He also appreciated Indonesia’s leadership in ASEAN this year.

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