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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The popularity of Artificial Intelligence has raised new fears in some communities. They are afraid that advanced technology can replace the world of work.

President and Director of IBM Indonesia, Roy Kosasih, said that AI will not replace humans. However, what happens is that humans will be replaced by other humans if AI is not used.

“If the question is whether AI will replace the role of humans, of course not. But what I can definitely apply is AI, humans who use AI will replace humans who don’t use AI,” said Roy to CNBC IndonesiaThursday (2/11/2023).

Humans need to continue to develop following technological developments. He also added that the question today is no longer whether to use AI.

But now it has become mandatory to use this technology. Because it is no longer possible not to use AI, both for companies and industry.

“The development of AI is so rapid, the development of automation is so fast, it’s not that now I’m thinking whether or not I need to use AI. But in many places and industries of Indonesian companies in the world I have to use AI. Because it’s no longer possible for them not to use AI, he explained.

According to him, those who survive without AI will not benefit. Including not being able to do things efficiently, effectively and quickly.

Instead of having a bad impact, AI will open up new opportunities. Companies that use AI will definitely need employees with this technological ability.

“Opening up a new opportunity for humans to remain educated with the latest AI capabilities,” said Roy.

AI also requires each person to update their abilities continuously. Citing a conclusion, Roy explained that 40% of AI users must update their capabilities every three years.

So it is not impossible that the AI ​​known today will be replaced by a new type of AI in the next three years. “In other words, in 3 years development has been so fast. Like it or not, they have to improve again,” he concluded.

IBM is a technology company that has long been famous for developing AI, including a computer called Deep Blue, which managed to defeat Grand Master Garry Kasparov.

However, amidst the AI ​​excitement triggered by the emergence of ChatGPT, the buzz of IBM technology is not as loud as other global technology companies such as Microsoft and Google.

According to Roy, IBM’s AI technology is embedded in various solutions the company offers to corporate customers. This is different from other companies that offer AI technology to consumers.

IBM AI technology, he explained, has been used for employee recruitment, marketing data analysis, and supply chains.

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