Huawei Seriously Wants to Leave Android Tech – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Huawei no longer uses Android, since the US launched trade sanctions in 2019. Huawei can no longer access Google ecosystem services.

Even though Google is blocked from use, there are still several Android applications that can be accessed. However, in the future Huawei will completely abandon Android.

Huawei is reportedly preparing to replace Android with a new version of HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS Next was announced earlier this year as part of Huawei’s developer conference.

At the time, news outlets like Huawei Central said that Next was a pure version of the HarmonyOS operating system without any Android “libraries” and would replace existing versions of the platform.

In an August live demo shared on Weibo, APK files couldn’t be opened at all, even though the overall UI still looked like Huawei’s Android-based design.

The South China Morning Post report said that the large Chinese technology company was in the process of recruiting developers who could produce native HarmonyOS applications.

The report reiterates that Next will involve removing support for Android-based apps on all Huawei devices installed with the new operating system. And a developer preview is coming in early 2024.

Pandaily adds that HarmonyOS Next will not support APK files and only “HAP”, which is described on the HarmonyOS developer website as part of a complete application package.

From existing reports, it is clear that Huawei will completely stop using Android applications. But it’s still hard to believe that the company will ditch Android (AOSP) completely.

For that, we’ll just have to wait and see, as more information may be forthcoming when “Next” arrives next year.

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