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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – TikTok is increasingly popular as a source of information and news for Gen Z. Google’s position as a place to look for news and information is declining.

Based on a study from the Pew Research Center quoted from Reuters on Thursday (11/16/2023), half of the adult population of the United States got their news from social media.

A survey conducted on 8,842 US residents showed that 67 percent of the US population still uses news media websites or applications to search for information.

However, the role of social media is increasingly central as a source of information. Facebook is the most popular social media platform as a news source, used by 30 percent of the US population. The second largest platforms are YouTube (26 percent), Instagram (16 percent), and TikTok (14 percent).

TikTok’s role as a news source, based on Pew research, is increasingly dominant. Of all TikTok users surveyed, 43 percent admitted to regularly seeking information and news from TikTok. A similar survey in 2022, however, showed that only 22 percent of TikTok users used short video social media as a place to find news.

Facebook’s position as the main social media for finding news also contradicts the efforts of the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg to eliminate the circulation of news.

Under pressure to cooperate and pay news companies, Facebook took steps to reduce or even eliminate news features in some countries.

Google is being left behind by Gen Z

Gen Z’s tendency to search for news via TikTok and other social media has previously been revealed in research by Morning Consult.

A report from research firm Morning Consult states that there is significant growth on TikTok. Even though the numbers are not that big compared to Google, Tiktok is not a search engine platform.

As of February 2023, 14 percent of Gen Z admitted to looking for information via TikTok. Google users among young people are recorded at 39 percent.

For other age ranges, namely baby boomers (1946-1964), Gen

TikTok.  (Doc. Pexel)TikTok. (Doc. Pexel)

Google is not unaware of these threats. In Google’s internal research, it was also seen that 40 percent of Gen Z looked for information from TikTok compared to Google Search. Most of them are looking for information related to holiday plans, skincare products, restaurants, places to hang out, and even food.

Half of the research objects also used TikTok and Instagram social media compared to Google products, namely Search and Maps.

One of the young people who uses TikTok, Anne-Christine (21) explained that her generation likes to see information in a visual format. Another young person, Talia Magee (24), said that information on Tiktok is easier to find.

TikTok also has a ‘predictive text’ feature, so users don’t need to type in full. Because later the algorithm will help to provide recommendations.

“It’s easier for me and other friends of the same age to learn and understand things from visuals. With TikTok, it’s very fast and easy to find information that I’m interested in through videos.” explained Magee.

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