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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Astronomers have discovered the origin of an asteroid near Earth. Based on the results of the latest research, the giant rock called Kamo’oalewa comes from the Moon.

The asteroid was discovered in 2016. LiveScience noted that the chunk was 14.4 million kilometers from Earth.

About five years after its discovery, analysis results showed that Kamo’oalewa had a composition similar to the Moon. Recent studies this year support the 2021 analysis.

The discovery published on October 23 2023 stated that there was a possibility of an ancient asteroid impact pushing space rocks onto the trajectory. Researchers also discovered that there are more chunks of the Moon in space.

“We determined the Moon was most likely the source of Kamo’oalewa,” said lead author and University of Arizona scientist Renu Malhotra as quoted by LiveScienceMonday (30/10/2023).

Kamo’oalewa has two properties that are quite different from most asteroids. For example, its proximity to Earth makes it a ‘quasi-satellite’ of this planet, even though its actual orbit is around the Sun.

In addition, the asteroid is expected to remain on the nearest side of Earth for the next million years. In fact, many objects near this planet only last a few decades.

In the 2021 research, astronomers conducted spectrum analysis. They believe Kamo’oalewa came from rocks on the Moon because the asteroid emits and absorbs light.

The researchers also simulated the impact of asteroids on the Moon and the gravitational forces that impact these rocks. The result is a small possibility that the rocks will move and end up approaching Earth’s orbit.

They also believe that most of the material that slides from the Moon will return there or fall to Earth. Nothing will orbit far enough to go around the Sun.

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