Elon Musk Will Not Be Able to Bring Internet to Gaza, This is the Reason Tech – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The electricity and internet networks in Gaza were completely cut off after the Israeli attack on Friday, October 27 2023.

The internet shutdown in Gaza has caused local residents to be isolated from the outside world. They also couldn’t communicate amidst the Israeli attacks.

After the outage, calls emerged on social media asking Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, to provide Starlink’s internet network in the region.

The satellite internet business operated by SpaceX consists of a constellation of thousands of satellites in very low orbit, at a distance of around 550 km from the Earth’s surface, making it easier to provide internet services in various regions.

Musk initially responded to posts calling for Starlink support for Gaza, saying it was unclear who had authority for land routes in the area. “No terminal from Gaza has attempted to communicate with our constellation,” he said at the time.

After receiving encouragement to support communications in Gaza via Starlink, Musk announced that Starlink would support connectivity through internationally recognized donor organizations in Gaza.

However, the question is, can Starlink provide internet access in Gaza?

Although Musk is offering Starlink in Gaza, Hamad Bin Khalifa University Middle Eastern Studies professor Marc Owen Jones is unsure whether it will work.

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He explained that Starlink terminals or antennas in Gaza would be difficult to smuggle and distribute on a large scale. The Israeli government is unlikely to allow legal imports.

Even if, say, Starlink makes it in, there’s no way to power it because there’s currently no fuel in Gaza.

The Gaza Strip has been under an Israeli blockade since 2007. Israel controls Gaza’s air and water space, and regulates all goods and services entering and leaving through two of Gaza’s three border crossing points.

Owen Jones also noted that the Starlink network relies on ground stations requiring approval in Gaza, which he said is unlikely in the current situation.

“Having Starlink terminals with two-way transmission could harm Gazans if detected by Israeli authorities,” he said, adding that providing internet would likely face resistance from the United States and Israeli governments.

Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi criticized Musk on social media platform X for considering providing Starlink to aid organizations in Gaza. Karhi said Israel would sever any ties with Starlink.

“Hamas will use it for terrorist activities. There is no doubt about it, we know it, and Musk knows it,” Karhi said.

Musk responded by saying that his company was not so naive and would conduct security checks with the US and Israeli governments before turning on just one terminal.

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