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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Online gambling has apparently attacked many people, including civil servants. This was expressed by Budi Arie Setiadi when he had just served as Minister of Communications and Information.

He said he had heard that many of his employees were playing slot gambling. Apart from that, civil servants from various groups from regional government, regional government officials to ASN were also victims.

“The problem is that when I first came in, I was photographed by my friends, our employees were gambling, someone gave it to me,” said Budi at the Press Conference on the Development of Handling Online Gambling, at the Kominfo office, Jakarta, Friday. (20/10/2023).

On that occasion, he also mentioned the involvement of streamers in promoting online gambling. According to him, legal action will be handled and handed over by the relevant authorities.

“When it comes to legal enforcement, that’s a matter for law enforcement officials, not Kominfo’s business. Kominfo’s business is about platforms, about technology, about telecommunications facilities and infrastructure. When it comes to law enforcement, we’ll leave it to law enforcers, OK,” he explained.

Budi also ensured that his party would continue to strive to eradicate the practice of online gambling. However, this business is not easy because it involves technology and also the ability of the perpetrators to change IP addresses easily.

However, he has pocketed the locations of online gambling servers used in Indonesia. Several countries that are server centers include Cambodia and the Philippines.

“You see, they move IPs and change addresses, but we already know that the centers are in Cambodia and the Philippines,” he said.

In his efforts, Budi also revealed that he was collaborating with several parties. For example, the Financial Services Authority and Bank Indonesia to block accounts involved in online gambling.

So far there have been 2,760 accounts related to online gambling that have been blocked. Meanwhile, 540 e-wallet accounts have been closed.

“Some time ago, we asked the OJK to block 2,760 accounts from July 17 2023 to October 16 2023,” said Budi.

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