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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – South Korean rapper G-Dragon, who was indicted for alleged drug use, was declared clean of illegal drugs based on a test that showed negative results.

Today, Monday (6/11/2023), G-Dragon voluntarily went to the Nonhyeon Police Station in Incheon to undergo his first investigation regarding allegations of drug use. After being interrogated for four hours, G-Dragon told reporters that his drug test results were negative, as reported by AllKpop.

On October 25, G-Dragon was officially indicted on drug-related charges under the Narcotics Control Act, but he consistently denied the charges, stating, “I have never used drugs.”

During his appearance at the police station, G-Dragon always denied allegations of drug use.

“I was not involved in any drug-related crime. I came here to clarify that. I will undergo investigation and be released soon.”

Previously, G-Dragon was reported to often visit a club in the Gangnam area which was a place for drug trafficking. The manager of the venue even accused G-Dragon of receiving drugs for free.

Regarding the controversy, G-Dragon answered, “We have to wait and see.”

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