This Skill is the Main Requirement for Success According to Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifestyle – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The figure of Arnold Schwarzenegger is certainly no stranger to film lovers from the 1980s to 1990s. Apart from successfully starting his career as a bodybuilder, Arnold is also known as a famous actor.

This Terminator film star apparently has a secret to achieving success. According to him, paying attention to what other people say and being a good listener is an important part of how to use your relationships with other people effectively to achieve your goals.

However, it should be noted that this ability is not intended to be used manipulatively, but rather for practical use.

In this case, humans are a resource. But only when you learn to absorb what these people say to you rather than just talk will you truly begin to make yourself useful to others and a resource for yourself.

According to him, one of the most valuable skills is the ability to ask good “how” and “why” questions.

“In the gym, if I see someone trying a new exercise technique that doesn’t make sense to me, I’ll ask them because maybe it will help me. When I see the great bodybuilder Vince Gironda doing side-lying triceps extensions in his gym, for example, I admit “I thought it looked like a little Mickey Mouse with the little dumbbells he was using,” he said, quoted Saturday (21/10/2023).

Even though it initially seemed like an insignificant movement with the small dumbbells that Vince used, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to try it. As a result, the move was very effective, and Arnold had to ask Vince about the background of this move, why it was better than other similar moves, and how to incorporate it into his training.

“This exercise is very effective, I have to ask Vince, how do you create this exercise? Why does this movement work better than other similar movements? How can I best incorporate it into my training?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s question served several purposes. The answers he receives will dispel any doubts or worries he may have. With curiosity, he displays a humble attitude and makes himself an ally to Vince.

But most importantly, asking “how” and “why” questions about things you are interested in increases the likelihood that the information will stick in your brain and connect with other relevant information.

All of this will make that knowledge more useful when it comes time to use it to serve others.

“That’s why I love being governor more than any job I’ve ever had. It’s an opportunity to absorb all the information about how our society works and at the same time be able to use that information to help millions of people,” he explained.

The more he learns and the more questions he asks of the people teaching him, the better he understands how everything is related, and the better he becomes as a leader.

However, Arnold realized that not everyone was as lucky as him. Many people do not have the power to force others to explain the world to them. They have to try to figure it out on their own, which can be very scary and overwhelming without support.

“I believe this is one of the reasons why many people feel trapped in their lives. They live in a world they don’t fully understand. The world is what it is, and they are who they are, and that’s just something they have to accept and deal with. ” he said.

Maybe they were born into a life where other people were rich and poor, or other people were tall or smart, physically gifted, and they were the opposite of those things and no one explained to them that despite certain circumstances, you can do it.

In general, curiosity and the ability to listen well are powerful tools that can help anyone overcome limitations and reach their full potential.

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