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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The number of passengers on the Whoosh Fast Train is increasing, especially on weekends. KCIC recorded the highest number of passengers, reaching 21,312 passengers. This number was achieved through the operation of 36 itineraries with details of 28 regular trips and 8 additional trips.

The presence of the Jakarta-Bandung Whoosh high-speed train has had a broad impact on other modes of transportation. Bus transportation entrepreneurs admit that there has been a decrease in passengers due to Whoosh, especially during weekends.

“So far we are continuing to operate normally, only on certain days and hours making operational adjustments to address the load factor considering the direct operating costs of vehicles that serve the public,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Young Autobus Entrepreneurs Association (IPOMI) Kurnia Lesani Adnan to CNBC Indonesia, Wednesday (11/15/2023).

According to Kurnia, the existence of the Whoosh Fast Train has had an impact on bus passengers. Moreover, the ticket price is quite cheap, namely IDR 150,000 and the travel time is less than an hour.

Explosion in the number of passengers on the Whoosh/Dok Fast Train: KCICPhoto: The explosion in the number of passengers on the Whoosh Fast Train/Doc: KCIC
Explosion in the number of passengers on the Whoosh/Dok Fast Train: KCIC

“The Jakarta-Bandung fast train is currently quite influential, especially at weekends, when we pay attention, many people want to try it and want to know what this fast train is like,” he continued.

However, he assessed that this influence occurred more because of the fast train ticket promo. According to the actual ticket price, according to testimony from the people he surveyed, they felt it was not worth it because from the final station the fast train to Bandung city still needed to cover a long distance.

“If we look at the distance and travel time that people travel from the starting point to the destination point when the toll road is not congested, the difference is not very significant, meaning that people from home have to go to the fast train station in Halim first and the time must be prepared so that it is not tight. “When the train boarded, after arriving at the final destination station, the fast train had to connect again to get to Bandung city station,” said Sani.

He appreciated that the construction of this fast train means that the government is bringing something new with the hope of better serving the movement needs of the people, especially Jakarta-Bandung, including that the government in introducing this mode can provide discounts of up to 50% on ticket prices.

“If the government could provide something similar for road transportation modes, people would definitely be more willing to use public transportation rather than using private vehicles, which could reduce road congestion and risks on the road,” said Sani.

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