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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – For some people, becoming an athlete is a dream profession. If you excel, then honor and wealth will come in an instant. The higher the level of competition, the greater the profits earned, up to billions of rupiah for one person.

Even so, all of this is ephemeral because it only occurs during the athlete’s productive period. When you get older and less productive, the era of glory that brings in money in an instant is over. After that, athletes are forced to retire and live a new life, which is often quite sad.

One of them was experienced by Boris Becker, a tennis athlete who was once the world’s most successful with various awards, but now lives in poverty and has been sent to prison. What’s the story?

Boris Becker started life as a tennis player in his teens. He was considered quite an accomplished young athlete in his time. In fact, in July 1985 or when he was 17 years old, he was able to compete in the biggest and most prestigious tennis event in the world, namely the Wimbledon Championships.

It was at Wimbledon that Becker was unexpectedly able to beat the seniors and win the title. Imagine, at a very young age, Becker was able to set foot on his first podium at Wimbledon. Thanks to this achievement, he set a record as the youngest tennis player to take part in the competition and won the title throughout Wimbledon’s 100 years of existence. Until now, this record has not been broken.

After that, Becker’s life was always filled with glory. As written BBCThroughout his productive life, he collected all the prestigious world tennis championship trophies. He won the US Open, the Australian Open twice, won Wimbledon three times, lifted the Serious Masters trophy 13 times, and successfully won a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics. Of course, this title is not only about honor and praise, but also about money. .

In presentation Fox Sports, During his successful career, Becker earned US$ 50 million, equivalent to US$ 120 million or Rp. 1.8 trillion today. This amount succeeded in placing Becker as one of the most successful and richest tennis players of his time.

However, an athlete’s life is like a banana tree which only grows once in a lifetime. During his heyday he was free to do whatever he wanted with his wealth, but after retirement his life changed.

Becker retired in 1999 at the age of 32. Seeing that he has assets of IDR 1.8 trillion, many people definitely think that his life will be happy. Trillions of money could possibly be used until the end of life. However, due to poor financial management, Becker was not able to experience his wealth for so long.

Thanks to his reckless lifestyle, Becker’s money just disappeared. In the report New York Times, after retiring he often played with women, had affairs, various scandals, and was trapped in debt. One of the biggest scandals was tax evasion.

In 2002, a Munich court fined Becker € 300,000 and sentenced him to two years in prison after being proven to have embezzled € 1.7 million in taxes. This was Becker’s first prison sentence.

However, it all reached its peak in 2017. At that time a British court officially declared Becker bankrupt after being crushed by mountains of debt. The property he owns cannot cover all his debts worth €36.5 million or Rp. 603 billion. According to the rules, he must be imprisoned for 30 months.

After leaving behind bars in December 2022, CNN International wrote that he had repented and started living a new life. It is known that he is now working as a tennis match commentator on a TV station.

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