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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Everyone agrees that illness is a disaster. However, there are those who believe that behind the disaster there is ease and blessing.

That’s what happened to the Edward family in Utah, United States (US). The pain suffered by one of his family members actually became the inspiration for a successful business that generated profits.

So, what’s the story?

The story begins when Judy Edwards, a mother of two children, experiences constipation when defecating. Every time she wants to throw dirt, Judy always gets angry.

He had taken various medicines but they had no results at all. In fact, as time goes by, the constipation gets worse.

The condition became worse after Judy was diagnosed with hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. This then adds to the difficulty.

Until finally some time in 2010, he saw a therapist. The therapist said Judy had to change the way she defecated.

Please note, Judy, like US people, uses a sitting toilet to defecate. The problem is, from a medical perspective, sitting toilets are not effective because there is no pressure on the stomach so excreting feces will be more difficult.

Meanwhile, a squat toilet makes a person’s stool come out more completely because there is pressure on the stomach which reduces stomach capacity. Therefore, Judy inevitably has to squat when defecating because the toilet in her house is a sitting model.

From here he racked his brains to find a way. How could that be?

“He actually squatted on the toilet, but it was very uncomfortable. Then he tried propping his legs up with books, buckets and household equipment so they could bend and put pressure on his stomach,” Judy told the official website. Squatty Potty.

“However, all of that failed and made him uncomfortable,” he added.

When Judy was having difficulty, her son Bobby made a squat chair out of wood. The chair then became a prop for the mother’s legs so that her defecation went smoothly.

Thanks to the child’s help with this object, Judy finally felt comfortable and her stool came out smoothly. From here, he always uses objects made by his son.

In Indonesia, squatting chairs are not a strange thing. These objects are usually found at furniture manufacturers and are sold cheaply.

A man sits on the toilet while playing on his cell phone.  (Doc. CNBC Make It)Photo: A man sits on the toilet while playing on his cell phone. (Doc. CNBC Make It)
A man sits on the toilet while playing on his cell phone. (Doc. CNBC Make It)

However, things are definitely different in the US where squatting chairs has become a thing of the past. This strangeness became even more widespread when Edward, Judy’s biological son, distributed squatting chairs made by Bobby at Christmas to his friends who were constipated.

Unexpectedly, it became very popular. Americans are in awe of squat chairs.

From here, many people encouraged the Edward family to sell it commercially. Finally, with capital of US$ 35,000, one family started producing squatting chairs with the Squatty Potty brand which will be marketed on the family website.

Judy decided the bench should be made of plastic to make it affordable. Unexpectedly, they also got their first big order.

“The first order was around 2,000 Squatty Potties which came from China with large containers full,” said Bobby to CNBC Internationall, quoted Wednesday (3/11/2023).

Since then, Squatty Potty sales have been selling well. Even in its first year, the family was successful in making a profit of up to US$ 1 million or Rp. 16 billion.

Now, citing the official website, the Edward family has received an investment of US$ 350,000 from Shark Tank. The family received profits of US$ 15 million or Rp. 229 billion.

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