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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Parents need to know the difference between online gambling and online games. That way, they can avoid their children getting caught up in online gambling.

President of the Indonesian Gaming Association, Cipto Adiguno, said that both online gambling and games have the same external appearance. However, users can still see the difference between the two when issuing currency.

“The main difference between gambling and games is the facility to issue in-game digital currency, for example coins or diamonds, into real currency, for example rupiah, dollars,” said Cipto.

With almost the same appearance, Cipto requested registration for all game products. So the contents of all games can be checked carefully.

Cipto revealed that registration can be done through two searches. Namely with the Electronic System Organizer (PSE) or through the IGRS game rating system.

“Yes, the regulations [soal pendaftaran produk game] “it is being drafted and/or revised,” he said.

Slots under the guise of games were also revealed by a number of artists who were accused of promoting online gambling. They stated that they thought what was being promoted was a game.

One of those who expressed this was Sule. He admitted that he did not know that the platform being promoted was online gambling.

“Yes, it’s okay. Yes, having friends means a lot, right. We also both don’t know (online gambling), right? It’s been a long time, I’m 2018 if I’m not mistaken. It wasn’t that at first, talking about games,” Sule was quoted as saying

Wulan Guritno’s management representative, Bucie Lee, also expressed almost the same thing. The artist, he said, was not suspicious because several artists promote similar platforms.

“Mbak Wulan was a victim because she received information that it was an online game promoted by many other big artists.” he said.


The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) revealed that there are many children involved in the world of online gambling. This is in line with the epidemic of online gambling in general among society.

The rise of online gambling cannot be separated from the large number of children who use communication technology connected to the internet.

Commissioner of KPAI Sub Cluster: Child Victims of Cybercrime, Kawiyan, said, as is the case with pornography, if children use gadgets without supervision and without being equipped with a positive attitude, they will easily come into contact with or access online gambling sites.

“Children are indeed vulnerable to becoming targets or victims of online gambling,” he told CNBC Indonesia, Thursday (21/9/2023).

Data from KPAI January-August 2023 shows that the number of complaints related to cybercrime is in the top five cases involving children, under sexual violence, physical/psychological violence, victims of other violence, and children in conflict with the law.

“This phenomenon must be stopped. Children must be returned to healthy and productive activities,” he stressed.

Furthermore, according to him, parents and teachers at schools must direct and supervise children in using gadgets.

The use of gadgets with limited time and under supervision must be applied for positive things, such as looking for information that supports learning or life, and entertainment that is beneficial for children.

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