BRIBRAIN Successfully Wins This Award at the IDC Awards 2023 Tech – 10 hours ago

JakartaCNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk succeeded in winning Best Future of Intelligence award in the 2023 Future Enterprise Awards, both at the Indonesian and Asia Pacific regional levels which is held by International Data Corporation (IDC).

This award was given to BRI for its success artificial intelligence platforms And machine learningBRIBRAIN in increasing the productivity of BRI marketers, while simultaneously expanding financial inclusion sustainable.

BRI received recognition as the best financial institution in Asia Pacific in terms of utilization advanced analytics through BRIBRAIN which is integrated into BRI’s business processes.

Digital Director AndBRI Information Technology Arga M. Nugraha explained that BRIBRAIN is BRI’s “digital brain center” which consolidates AI and analytical capabilities to improve customer engagement, anti-fraud and risk analytics, credit underwriting, to automation for smart services and operations.

Sone form of implementation of BRIBRAIN is recommendation system which is used to encourage the acquisition of merchants, micro business debtors, and BRILink Agents.

“BRIBRAIN analyzes customer data starting from profiles, savings and loan portfolios, transaction history, to location and demographics. This analysis produces scoring, product recommendations that suit customers, to recommendations for activities that can be carried out to make acquisitions or upgrades successful. The results of this analysis are then infused into our various platforms, products and services,” he explainedin a written statement, Monday (6/11/2023).

As a result, BRIBRAIN was able to encourage debtor acquisition while maintaining credit quality. This is demonstrated in its implementation through Link5, BRI’s internal platform that helps detect value chain and the business ecosystem for BRI SME customers to realize this closed-loop payment ecosystem.

He mentioned Link5 succeeded in acquiring 8,000 new debtors with a ceiling value exceeding IDR 1.7 trillion with an NPL of only 0.009%. On the other hand, BRIBRAIN’s implementation in the micro business pipeline also succeeded in acquiring 3.6 million new debtors with a ceiling reaching IDR 163.4 trillion, and NPL maintained at 0.05%.

Throughout 2023, BRIBRAIN’s recommendations have succeeded in the successful acquisition of more than 22,000 new BRILink Agents. This agent is the cornerstone of BRI’s financial inclusion because it is able to unite conventional processes with digital business in regional areas.

The transaction is also amazing. HAs of the third quarter of this year alone, AgenBRILink has generated sales volume reaching IDR 1.04 quadrillion,” added Arga.

Furthermore, sCurrently BRIBRAIN is exploring the potential of generative AI. Aamong other things, to increase the interactivity of BRI’s chatbot, Sabrina, so that it is more human-like, to job automation that increases employee productivity such as through content factory (automatic content generator based on prompts).

BRIBRAIN is also exploring the use of AI/ML for the financial industry. Therefore, BRI formed BRIBRAIN Academy as a program to develop initiatives and cultivate AI talent. BRIBRAIN Academy opens collaboration space for universities, academics, communities and corporations who can become research partners around AI and advanced analytics BRI,” he concluded.

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