07:12 Video Prevent AI from ruling the world, humans must do this! Tech – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- UI Digital Culture & Communication Observer, Firman Kurniawan mentioned 3 things related to problems in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Where AI is developing in many countries leading to the emergence of many racist threats and gender discrimination, so it is necessary to monitor data input for AI-based applications.

Apart from that, there are also problems related to the misuse of data for business and political purposes through the use of data personalization.

Meanwhile, Vaccinecom Cyber ​​Security Observer, Alfons Tanujaya, expressed the importance of controlling AI so that it does not have a negative impact on humans, one of which is through strengthening regulations.

What are the threats from AI and what anticipatory steps should be taken to prevent this? For complete details, see Bramudya Prabowo’s dialogue with UI Digital Culture & Communication Observer, Firman Kurniawan and vaccinecom Cyber ​​Security Observer, Alfons Tanujaya in Profit,CNBCIndonesia (Tuesday, 07/11/2023)

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