Apple Ever Wanted to Kick Google Out of iPhone Tech – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google Search is said to have been removed from all Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Macbook.

This was revealed during the trial of the antitrust case against the search engine giant.

Google is the default option for Apple’s browser, Safari. The potential replacement is reportedly another search engine called DuckDuckGo.

The Bloomberg report came from the United States (US) district judge handling the Google antitrust case trial, Amit Mehta. At that time there was testimony stating that Apple had thought about this replacement.

DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg revealed that his party had met with Apple 20 times about the search engine switch. Integration has reportedly also been carried out in Safari.

However, this testimony contradicts what Apple’s SVP of machine learning & AI, John Giannandrea, said. The former Google Search boss denied that there would be any changes to the Safari browser.

He said he still questions DuckDuckGo’s privacy security. Apart from that, in some cases, the platform also still relies on Bing, which is Microsoft’s search engine.

Quoted from Ars Technica, Thursday (19/10/2023), the relationship between Apple and Microsoft was also revealed in previous trial testimony. Reportedly the two technology giants are considering expanding cooperation.

One of them is to acquire Bing. So this search engine will be available by default for Apple devices such as iPhone to iPad.

But Apple also still has other options. Not only collaborating with other parties, the Cupertino giant is also said to be considering the option of developing its own search engine. The option to have your own search engine is said to be one of the best alternatives to Apple.

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