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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The development of the times has made the majority of people who will become parents begin to realize the importance of special strategies in raising children (parenting).

Usually, people learn about parenting through books, consulting with child psychologists, or public figures, such as celebrities. However, in recent times the parenting strategies of political figures have begun to become role models.

One of the figures considered by Indonesian netizens as a role model parenting is the presidential candidate (capres), Ganjar Pranowo.

Based on posts on his personal social media account, the former Governor of Central Java often shares moments spending time with his wife, Siti Atiqoh Supriyanti and their only child, Muhammad Zinedine Alam Ganjar.

In fact, this 54 year old politician does not hesitate to share a number of parenting tips on several occasions. So, what are the tips? parenting Ganjar style?

1. Teaching children to process independently

During his time as regional head, Ganjar did not deny that there were a number of “temptations” that could make all personal matters easier. However, he emphasized to his son, Alam, to continue the process independently.

“Actually, in the context of our family, just leave it alone. For example, my child will be given a “red carpet”, no. Let him process it,” said Ganjar in an interview uploaded via his personal Instagram account (@ganjar_pranowo), quoted Monday (30/ 10/2023).

“Natural [akan] I’ll let him join whatever organization he is [Alam] feel bitter [hidup]. “That’s what he learned,” stressed Ganjar.

Apart from that, Ganjar also said that he always educates Nature to always control herself or self-control by not always taking advantage of profits through identity (privilege) for personal gain.

2. Always make time for children and family

Governor of Central Java for two periods, namely 2013 to 2023, is a figure who often spends time with his family. This can be seen based on uploaded photos and videos on Instagram showing moments of gathering with family.

One of the activities that Ganjar often does to spend time with his family is eating together.

“It’s fun to spend time with your family enjoying your beloved wife’s favorite song,” wrote Ganjar via a caption on Instagram showing the moment he ate on the side of the road while singing.

In a different upload, Ganjar also emphasized that eating with family is a precious moment that should not be missed. Moreover, activities as regional head mean that time with family is quite reduced.

“Eat together [keluarga] it’s something fun. “For fathers, the most important thing is actually just one thing, regardless of political position, family is number one,” said Ganjar to Alam in an uploaded video.

3. Prioritize Communication

For this presidential candidate who was born on October 28 1968, parents must always be ready to listen to their children’s complaints. According to him, parents sometimes have to be present in every child’s problem through communication.

“Nature has progress towards her goals which is relatively good. Of course it’s not as smooth as motorbike racing. There are also occasional hiccups. Well, it’s the glitches that are the problem. Sometimes we (parents) need to be present.” ” said Ganjar, quoted from a post on his personal Instagram.

“You have a problem, right? Dad wants to talk and this is not between father and son, but between men,” said Ganjar, giving an example of a conversation with his son.

During communication, Ganjar admitted that he always encouraged his children to be independent in solving personal problems. However, he also remains open if his child is no longer able to solve the problem.

“You have to finish it. If you can finish it, dad will be happy. You will be an independent child. But when you can’t finish it, the easiest place to ask is dad,” said Ganjar, giving an example of a conversation with his son.

4. Become a friend to children

According to the presidential candidate who is paired with Mahfud MD, the role of a father is not only as a parent, but also as a “referee”, follower, friend, best friend and a place for children to ask questions.

“I’m a follower (follower) of my son, but at the same time the referee holds the whistle. If you (Alam) are offside, I’ll syringe, OK. If you stop, I’ll push. If you’re too fast, I’ll pull,” said Ganjar in a video uploaded.

He said, children as humans must experience the twists and turns of life which are not always good and smooth. Therefore, as a parent, he is always ready to be a “home” for his child.

“Being a father, as well as a friend, friend and a place to ask questions. This figure is stuck in my mind about father, and now I am the one who plays that role,” wrote Ganjar via caption.

“Grow well, nang (Nature). There are times when the world is not friendly, father is always ready to be home,” concluded Ganjar.

5. Always keep promises with your children

Promises are crucial things that are often considered trivial for some people. However, Ganjar is a figure who does not want to take his promises to Nature lightly.

In the video entitled “PAY IN FULL THE PROMISE TO Climb a Mountain Together with Alam” which was uploaded to the YouTube channel (Ganjar Pranowo), Alam revealed that his father had promised to take him to climb a mountain alone since he was a child.

“Some time ago, I remembered my father’s promise that he had invited me to climb a mountain. This would be a really cool moment for me to spend time with my father while learning to climb a mountain,” said Alam.

“It’s not about getting to the top, but also about the two of us [untuk] get to know yourself and each other better. “Finally, that promise was fulfilled today,” continued Alam.

In the vlog video, Alam shares all the moments of the journey to climb Mount Prau, Central Java with Ganjar. It can be seen that the moment of keeping this promise was an opportunity for Ganjar and Alam to get to know each other, namely by exchanging stories.

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