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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – YouTube presents a number of upgrades to its application. The popular streaming platform announced on its blog that there will be dozens of new features and design updates coming.

These changes are scheduled to roll out globally in the coming weeks and will soon be accompanied by an update to the YouTube Kids app.

Of the dozens of updates mentioned, Tom’s Guide reports that they have only discovered 17 features and updates that are present on YouTube. Even so, this update is still noted as a massive improvement from YouTube.

Here are the top three improvements YouTube announced.

1. YouTube new tab

YouTube combined some of its tabs into one new tab. This new tab combines the Library and Account tabs in one tab.

This way, watched videos, playlists, download purchases and settings are all in one place. This enhancement is already available on web browsers, phones, and tablets.

2. Search songs by sound

This upgrade brings AI (artificial intelligence) technology in it. Now, users can search for songs on YouTube on Android devices by playing, singing, or humming them.

AI will work to match the user’s voice with the song they are looking for. This feature is planned to be rolled out in the next few weeks only for Android devices.

3. New vertical menu for YouTube on Smart TV

YouTube has added a new vertical menu to its smart TV interface. With this feature, users can quickly access video descriptions, comments, subscribe buttons, and video chapters.

The following is a complete list of new YouTube improvements that will be coming to YouTube in the coming weeks, quoted from Tomsguide, Tuesday (24/10/2023).

Press and hold on the screen to fast forward at 2x speed.

Your new tab is created by merging tabs. Libraries and Accounts.

Sing or hum the song to find it.

Larger preview thumbnail.

Release to cancel/haptic vibration while searching through video.

Tap the lock icon in mobile settings to lock your screen while watching.

New design for welcome animation and more.

Ambient mode comes in light and full screen themes.

Grouped player settings.

Scrollable sections and formatted social media links in the video description section.

Press and hold to copy the link from the video description.

Improved authoring features for text formatting.

Like and subscribe buttons will light up when mentioned in the video to encourage action.

Top comment animation and refresh.

Dynamic updates on likes and views during the first 24 hours of the video.

Steady volume automatically turns on.

New vertical menu for smart TV.

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