Youtube Wants to Sell Like a TikTok Shop, This is What the Minister of Communication and Information Tech Says – 13 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Two social media platforms, YouTube and Tiktok, will reportedly register as e-commerce in Indonesia. Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie Setiadi opened his voice on this matter.

Previously, Tiktok closed its Tiktok Shop in Indonesia in early October. Because the platform is not registered as e-Commerce, you can still carry out transactions on the platform.

Not long ago, it was reported that Tiktok would return to its homeland by registering as an e-commerce site. Likewise with YouTube which is rumored to be doing the same thing.

Budi said the government was opening itself up to the domestic business climate. However, the most important thing is to separate social media from e-commerce.

The new regulations of Minister of Trade Regulation 31 of 2023 divide platforms into social media, social commerce and e-commerce. Tiktok Shop was previously referred to as social commerce. Social media platforms are only allowed to promote business and not make payments on the platform.

“We have to open ourselves up, but earlier regarding Youtube, Meta, Tiktok Shop, all kinds of important entities must be separated. If it’s social media, it’s social media, e-commerce is e-commerce,” said Budi, Thursday (2/11/ 2023).

If there is a platform that wants to become e-Commerce, Budi emphasized the importance of adapting. All platforms need to play a level playing field.

“Well, if it’s from a platform or if he wants to do business in e-commerce, he has to cooperate or adapt so that there is no monopoly. We have a level playing field. It has to be the same,” he said.

In a report, TikTok and Youtube will register a license as e-commerce. Reuters specifically for Tiktok, he explained that he was discussing collaborating with local e-Commerce players including Tokopedia, while waiting for the development of a separate Tiktok Shop application.

Meanwhile, two sources reported that YouTube plans to do something similar. YouTube has actually implemented shopping services in the United States (US) market. However, a YouTube spokesperson refused to comment on this.

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