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At an onion collecting place, Macege Village, Palakka District, Bone Regency, a woman is deftly peeling onions. This sight was unusual because Suranti, or usually known as Yanti, was carrying a toddler while peeling onions. Not only that, his eyes were not perfect because he was blind.

Just working without looking is extraordinary, especially when you take care of your youngest, Raffa, who is only 6 months old. Aura, his middle child, also faithfully accompanies him.

Compulsion means that Yanti has to carry Raffa, who is still a baby, while earning a living. Yanti’s husband, Amir, works as a construction worker, so there is no one to look after his child at home. Despite her limitations, Yanti is still a true mother and wife. She doesn’t want to stand idly by and only rely on her husband’s income even though in the dark Yanti is trying to fulfill household needs.

“What makes me not complain is only for the children. Sometimes people say you don’t want to see your child’s face, you really want to but what do you want,” said Yanti to the merdekabaik.id team.

Aura, who is now 6 years old, has always been Yanti’s eyes, going back and forth from home to the work location which is 200 meters away.

For this work, Yanti was only paid IDR 1,000 per kg which she worked even up to 9 pm. Yanti worked so hard even though there was no light to rely on, but strangely she admitted that she had not once been injured by a knife.

“Yes, thank God, during my work I have never been hit by a knife or something. So that’s the question, I don’t see why I’ve never been hit by a knife,” continued Yanti.

For the past year, this family has been living in a simple 3×4 meter rented house with a rental fee of Tp 200 thousand per month. This narrow room became the only shelter for this family of 5 people.

Yanti, this blind mother deserves to be called great. He rose from his downturn in the past. Since birth, he has not been able to see in his right eye. However, his left eye nerve was damaged at the age of 16. Yanti’s world suddenly felt dark.

But that despair didn’t last long. 9 years ago, Yanti met Amir. Amir accepts his physical shortcomings and sincerely proposes to Yanti. To date, they have been blessed with 3 children, Dicki, the eldest who is 8 years old, Aura, and Raffa. Her family is now Yanti’s strength.

“Yes, I used to think when I was a girl, there was a man who would want to be with me like this, and then people said it didn’t matter, the important thing is that a soul mate is arranged by God, a life and death mate. It’s not us who decide. Sometimes I didn’t think I could have a husband like that. people who have families. Thank God, there are people who want to love and accept me as I am,” said Yanti.

Amir’s job as a construction worker does not mean he can get a fixed monthly wage. If there is a project, Amir can breathe a little easier. At least, he can bring home IDR 80 thousand per day, which is paid every 10 days.

Good Friends, Yanti’s story is a perfect illustration that losing the light of your eyes does not mean giving up.

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Let’s start doing good today!

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