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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Nowadays, the “scene” of children is using gadgets (gadgets), such as cell phones (cellphone) and tablets, the easier they are to find. Usually, parents give gadgets so that children do not have tantrums in public spaces.

In fact, according to psychology professor from Yale University, Laurie Santos, parents should “wait as long as possible” to give gadgets if you want your children to live happier and more successful lives.

“In my opinion, the longer we can delay giving technology to children – the longer – the better,” said Santos, quoted from CNBC Make It, Monday (30/10/2023).

According to a 2019 Common Sense Media report, children aged eight to 12 spend an average of nearly five hours a day using cellphone. Meanwhile, teenagers spend almost eight hours a day.

According to Common Sense’s head of research, Michael Robb, children are more likely to spend time on their cellphones using social media or watching videos, rather than doing creative activities.

“This can encourage poor mental health problems and interfere with concentration in class,” said Santos regarding the research results.

Based on research by CNBC International and CNBC Make It, the use of social media causes children to experience online bullying, hate speech and discrimination. In fact, the majority of YouTube videos that children watch contain inappropriate and disturbing content.

According to the advocacy group Wait Until 8th, there are three main benefits that children can get if parents decide to postpone giving them cellphones, namely.

  • Lower risk of anxiety and depression
  • Better sleep quantity and quality
  • Have plenty of time for physical activity and outdoor play

Santos added that parents are required to set a good example for their children, such as not using cellphones for too long when spending time with their children.

“They (children) will not want to do what you (parents) say, they will want to do what you do,” stressed Santos.

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