Want big profits with minimal capital? Try the Betta Fish Business Entrepreneur – 23 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Its unique color and beautiful tail are often the attraction of this ornamental fish from Indonesia, the Betta. Even though the price and lifespan of Betta fish are not as expensive and as long as the lifespan of ornamental fish in general, such as Arowana and Koi, it turns out that the profits from the Betta business can be greater than other ornamental fish businesses.

“Yes, at most a year to two years, so after a year or so he will be used as a parent,” said Ari, a member of the ornamental fish community to CNBC Indonesia, Tuesday (31/10/2023).

Ari revealed that a betta only lasts 1-2 years at most. However, he believes that the circulation of money in the Betta business is very fast.

“Bettas turn money quickly. Try to imagine the people who go around selling it for just IDR 5,000, the children buy it. So the market is from the very low level, to the very high level. Although not everyone at the high level likes bettas “But just for the record, Mr. Fadel Muhammad (Deputy Chair of the MPR) came to Betta village because he was so happy,” he said.

Ari explained, even though the betta has entered old age or no longer has a high selling value, the betta can be used as a parent and produce new betta fish eggs, and can produce thousands of betta fish eggs.

“If you are old you can’t take part in the contest, Betta can be used as a parent. If he is old enough he will be prepared to be a parent, maybe people will buy him as a parent, because he no longer has a high selling value for trading, at least only to have a look,” he explained.

Plaque Betta Fish.  IstPhoto: Plaque Betta Fish. Ist
Plaque Betta Fish. Ist

However, Ari emphasized that even though they are old and their selling value is no longer high, bettas can still provide profits.

“How could it not be profitable, from just one pair it can produce thousands of eggs, and thousands if it does, it’s clear that in just 2-3 weeks, each head can be sold for IDR 5,000,” said Ari.

Ari added that bettas also do not need luxurious facilities like other ornamental fish. With just one jar and water fleas for food, Betta can live a healthy and lively life.

“He also doesn’t need fancy facilities, he doesn’t need a good aquarium or the water has to be okay, he just needs a jar and he can live. Feeding Betta fish isn’t complicated either, he’s the most luxurious one so the fish are good, he only needs water fleas,” he said. .

The Indonesian Beta Association Advisor, Agung Karim, also conveyed the same thing. He claims that betta fish are ornamental fish that have the largest community in Indonesia, because betta fish have no social strata.

“From the sweeper to the director level, we don’t know the age, from children to even adults. Why can it be said that, because with other fish, make sure the manager is above the level, but for bettas “Isn’t that right? That’s why it can be said that the community is big,” said Agung.

“Exports are also big because there are also a lot of communities abroad. Well, Betta is great there, his network is not only in Indonesia but also abroad,” he added.

Agung said that ornamental betta fish could not be separated from the contest, because the locomotive of the industry was in the contest. “Other fish can survive without a contest, but for ornamental betta fish to increase prices and maintain prices there must be a contest,” he explained.

From this contest, continued Agung, there was an economic turnaround. For example, by holding a contest, there are 2,000 fish fighting there, meaning that if one fish is priced at Rp. 500,000, multiplied by 2,000 fish, that’s billions.

“Because with the contest, people are shopping, the economic cycle is like that. So you can’t let go of the contest,” he said.

Apart from that, Agung explained, because the lifespan of Betta fish is not long, only around 2 years, and Betta fish in contests can only reach 2-3 months of age, after that the Betta fish will start to enter old age. As the time expires, people return to buy new betta fish.

Meanwhile, if you buy other ornamental fish such as flowerhorn, arowana and other ornamental fish, the price can reach IDR 30 million, but it is only a one-time purchase, unlike bettas which can be purchased many times.

“Betta looks cheap, but you can buy it many times. So if it rotates, it will be more expensive than the big fish,” he said.

Agung also touched on the boom in betta fish during the Covid-19 pandemic. At that time, sales of bettas skyrocketed. “Now it’s back to normal again, not down but back to normal,” he concluded.

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