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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The story of a woman from Bekasi whose husband left her suddenly went viral on the Tiktok social media account. This was because her in-laws wanted to control the husband’s inheritance.

The story of a woman named Putri Dini which went viral on TikTok was actually broadcast five days ago when Putri was invited to the television program Pagi-Pagi Ambyar, and was re-uploaded by x_samsu_x on October 23.

In Ambyar Morning, Putri said that her husband, who married her in May 2023, died of cancer. Putri also said that before getting married they had prepared many things, including buying a house and a vehicle.

“Initially, the person asked for the car that the deceased and I bought, and I wanted to use it first because of the paperwork I had to take care of,” said Putri in a video uploaded by the x_samsu_x account on TikTok.

This answer was met with curses, and his in-laws said that the car was their property.

“It belonged to me (the in-laws), and (the in-laws) called me (the) devil’s child, monkey child, bringer of bad luck. And what was even crueler, the person (in-laws) said it was a good thing my child died and I said it was my right,” he added.

At this time, Putri’s in-laws even threatened to find Putri and finish her off. The threat even reached the daughter’s family.

Putri has also asked for help from the Hotman Paris Hutapea team of lawyers and the Hotman 911 team.

Is it true that parents have rights in their children’s inheritance? The following is a list of heir groups according to the Civil Code.

Civil Code heir groups

In the Civil Code, heirs are regulated in such a way and separated into four groups, as follows.

Group I

The family in a straight line downwards is the husband or wife who lives longer, and the children who are left behind (Article 852).

Group II

Family that is in a straight line upwards, such as parents and siblings (Article 854).

Group III

Grandfathers, grandmothers and siblings in the straight line of descent (Article 853).

Group IV

Family members who are on the side line and other families up to the sixth degree. Examples are uncles, aunts, maximum sixth degree (Article 861).

Even though there are groups of heirs, someone does not necessarily have the right to claim inheritance from their sibling. The heir groups are based on the priority distribution of inheritance.

This means that class II heirs cannot inherit the heir’s inheritance if there are still class I heirs. Likewise, if there is no heir to class I, the inheritance will fall to class II, and class III will not be able to inherit it.

When a husband dies and leaves behind a legally married wife, the wife has full rights to the husband’s inheritance.

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