This New International Airline is Threatened with Bankruptcy, Debts are Piling Up News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The new airline launched in 2021, MYAirline, is threatened with bankruptcy. The company is currently negotiating with 15 potential investors to resolve financial problems.

The airline has suspended all flights since October 12. MYAirlines still owes consumers up to RM 22 million in ticket refunds (around Rp. 73 billion).

“We have received more than 15 proposals from potential investors, two of which are currently in the advanced negotiation stage,” said the company in a press release, quoted Wednesday (1/11/2023) from The Star.

“The team is working around the clock to complete a recapitalization package that will revive our operations,” he added,

“This will also facilitate reimbursement to affected passengers as well as payment of salaries and statutory dues,” the company said.”

There have been at least 30,000 complaints either by telephone or email to MYAirline. The company promised to keep affected customers updated on the status of their refunds.

“We aim to pay off all refunds as soon as we receive the recapitalization package from our investors,” said management.

MYAirlines is a low-cost airline in Malaysia. Currently, around 125,000 passengers are waiting for refunds and 900 employees have not received their salaries since September.

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