These are the conditions for RI to be successful in becoming a developed country, according to the Chancellor of IPB News – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Chancellor’s Forum stated that the two main keys for Indonesia to become a developed country in 2045 are human resources (HR) and industrialization of the agro-maritime sector.

The Chancellor’s Forum Advisory Council, Prof. Arif Satria, explained that if industrialization is not appropriate then maintaining economic growth at 7% and reaching a GDP of US$ 28 thousand per capita will be difficult to achieve.

“So the growth of quality human resources with quality strategies is what we want to highlight,” said the Chancellor of IPB at the Presidential Palace Complex, Tuesday (7/11/2023).

According to him, industrialization in the maritime agro sector involves many people, so it can create quality economic growth. This is different from the nickel industry which only involves a small number of people because it is high technology.

For this reason, he does not deny the potential for Indonesia to fail to become a developed country in 2045.

“Yes (it could fail) if growth is not of good quality it could fail, to maintain (economic) growth of 6% – 7%, proper industrialization is needed,” he said.

“Then the President agreed that maritime agro must be encouraged, that’s why we involve many people,” he added.

Previously, In the LPEM FEB UI White Paper document in the section Navigating Indonesia’s Path Towards 2045: Equality and Economic Mobility written by Teguh Dartanto and Canyon Keanu Can, Indonesia’s current socio-economic conditions are much different from the socio-economic conditions of other countries when they have lower per-capita income. the same as Indonesia.

So, in his writing in the White Paper, Teguh concluded, based on a comparison between Indonesia’s conditions and the conditions of other countries, the opportunity for Indonesia to become a high-income country in 2045 is very small because Indonesia currently does not have several basic conditions driving economic progress.

Moreover, Indonesia’s economic growth during its time as a middle-income country has never reached above 6% to become a developed country in 2045. In 2022 it will only be 5.3% and the government targets this to happen again in 2023 at 5.3%. In fact, in the scenario that Indonesia can become a developed country in 2045, it must be able to grow by 6%.

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