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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo opened the 3rd Belt and Road Forum (BRF) at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China, Wednesday (18/10/2023). In front of Chinese President Xi Jinping, he said that there were three things he wanted to convey regarding the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) or ‘China’s Modern Silk Road’.

Apart from that, it was observed that several leaders of other countries were also present, such as President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh, President of Kenya William Ruto, and others.

First, regarding the synergy between the two countries, it must also provide ownership space for the host country to carry out its national projects independently.

“Because a sense of ownership is very important in the sustainability of the project,” said Jokowi in his speech, citing a broadcast from the Presidential Secretariat, Wednesday (18/10/2023).

Jokowi said that Indonesia had a national project for the Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train (KCJB) which was then synergized with BRI which was already operational. He also mentioned that in the future there will be several more projects that will be synergized within the BRI project.

“In the future, we will also synergize the development of the New Capital City, the Archipelago Capital (IKN), energy transition and industrial downstreaming,” said Jokowi.

Second, Jokowi advised that BRI projects must be based on the principle of equal and mutually beneficial partnerships, and be equipped with careful planning. Including the use of a transparent funding system, absorption of local workers, and use of domestic products.

Third, Jokowi also said that the sustainability of the BRI project must be ensured for the long term and strengthen the economic foundations of partner countries. “It’s not actually making the fiscal condition difficult,” said Jokowi.

On that occasion, Jokowi also expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for its contribution to developing countries through the BRI project. He also advised that in the current global conditions, BRI’s cooperation with partners should not be politicized.

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