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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) through the Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) and PT. Sarana Multigriya Finansial (Persero) or PT SMF has distributed the Housing Financing Liquidity Facility Home Ownership Credit Program (KPR FLPP) to 1,289,748 housing units spread throughout Indonesia from 2010 to July 2023.

Since 2010, the government has allocated investment for the FLPP program amounting to IDR 108.5 trillion, which was channeled through revolving funds and State Capital Participation (PMN).

The realization of distribution of FLPP funds in 2023 up to July was recorded at 120,169 housing units from the distribution target of 220,000 units as stipulated in the 2023 Financial Note.

“This shows the manifestation of the government’s attention, especially the APBN, which is used as much as possible for the prosperity of the people,” said the Director of Securitization and Financing of SMF, Heliantopo, in a seminar and public lecture with the theme “Discussion of the APBN: Thoroughly Discussing the Management System of #Our Money and Assets# PunyaKita” at the University of North Sumatra, Thursday (16/11).

Heliantopo said strengthening the Housing Sector was one of the APBN policy responses to anticipate global economic uncertainty. The FLPP KPR program is clear evidence of the use of taxes as a source of revenue in the APBN which plays an important role in supporting development and providing subsidy benefits, especially home ownership programs for people in need.

As the Ministry of Finance’s Special Mission Vehicle (SMV), PT SMF is given the mandate to support the increase in sustainable housing financing by providing medium and long term funding sources for KPR disbursing financial institutions through KPR securitization schemes and secondary financing. This strategic role makes PT SMF also a catalyst for the development of the housing finance ecosystem in Indonesia.

Regarding the optimization of its role and function in encouraging the revival of the housing industry both from the supply and demand side in accordance with the expansion of the mandate given by the Government, SMF is realizing various business activities which are the implementation of the expansion of the Government’s mandate including, namely, Construction Credit amounting to IDR 44.89 billion, Micro Credit Housing amounting to IDR 534.6 billion, and Multi-Purpose Housing Credit amounting to IDR 2.1 trillion in Semester I-2023.

Apart from that, in an effort to expand access to home ownership for Low Income Communities (MBR) and non-fixed income, in the first semester, SMF realized Hire Purchase KPR financing (rent to own or RTO) by collaborating with Pinhome and Karunia Multifinance.

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