PANRB Minister Promises Big ‘Bonus’ for Civil Servants to Move First to IKN News – 31 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Abdullah Azwar Anas revealed that the total number of state civil servants (ASN), including civil servants, who were transferred to the Indonesian capital or IKN was 2,000 people.

Even though the transfer has been scheduled to start in March, July and August 2024 in stages, there is currently no exact nominal budget for the transfer itself. Anas said that the budget is still being reviewed and simulated with the Ministry of Finance.

“We have been ordered to formulate, apart from moving costs and expensive costs, we are also being asked to calculate other necessary allowances related to family. It is being calculated, it will be discussed later,” said Anas when met at the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/ 11/2023).

Even so, he confirmed that the ASN who were the first to be moved would certainly get more incentives than the next wave, because they were the pioneers of ASN in the new capital. The incentives range from school for children, costs for moving with family for those who already have one, to work incentives according to duties and functions in the ministry or institution.

“But the incentives for those who move first will certainly be different from those who will move later, because they will be pioneers,” stressed Anas.

Regarding the exact number of ASN being moved, he confirmed that it would be adjusted to the accommodation readiness at IKN which was being worked on by the Ministry of PUPR. For his own residence, he confirmed that it would be separated between single ASNs and those with families.

“So this is related to the accommodation prepared by PUPR. We are currently exercising and have simulated with all K/Ls if in the first stage 2,000 people will move, who will move in the second stage, 1,200, and so on,” said Anas.

“What is clear is that in the first stage, almost all K/Ls moved, but certain echelons, not all echelons, those related to business, for example, still remained in Jakarta,” he said.

The total number of ASN that the government will transfer in the first stage will be 16,990 people, including elements from the TNI and Polri. Meanwhile, the total number of ASN who will be transferred in the 2024-2045 period is 100,023 people based on Bappenas calculations. Consisting of 956 state officials, 3,264 high leadership positions, and 95,803 functional positions.

Based on gender, the majority of civil servants who will be transferred to IKN are male or 54%, and based on education level, the majority of civil servants have a Bachelor’s degree (51.3%, followed by Master’s degree (26.7%), and DIII (14.8 %). Then, the majority of civil servants are in the age group 30-39 years (34.5%), followed by 40-49 years (28.8%), and 50-60 years (19.8%).

The criteria or requirements are known to be a minimum education level of D3, paying attention to the retirement age limit, ASN performance data, as well as ASN competency and potential data.

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